What we do

Good graduate marketing campaigns are difficult to develop.  Our multi-industry recruiter expertise and detailed experience of different universities and student populations positions us to advise.

Graduate recruitment teams are often over-stretched at peak season and find it difficult to get everything done – we help them get through the work at these times.

Delivering marketing campaigns across multiple universities, especially if they’re in any way new or complicated, is a logistical nightmare requiring not just a great deal of man-hours, but also up-to-date experience of each campus.  We lead the field in this challenge.

We have extensive experience across industries and specific, university-by-university knowledge and expertise in 20 countries. We take extraordinary care to hire exceptional people who enable us consistently to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Our clients are blue chip, consider us an extension of their team and they stay with us for years.

Return on investment (ROI) in graduate marketing is key.  What we do not only helps employers resource their recruitment teams efficiently, but also, through enhancing their brand amongst their target students, helps them increase quality (and where necessary quantity) of application and acceptances of offers.