With the recent introduction of Facebook hashtags we thought we’d share our top tips for using #hashtags in graduate marketing campaigns:

1. Have a clear purpose, and one that your target audience will want to buy into

Remember that a hashtag is an organising tool, so it needs to be clear. Identify a memorable theme or idea that students will want to associate themselves with and come up with a hashtag that succinctly describes it.

2.  Assess the risks

A hashtag makes it really easy for anyone to share their opinions on your proposition with the world, whatever those opinions may be! Decide what the worst case scenario is, and how you’ll react if it happens.

3. Create a hashtag that’s short and unique

Long hashtags are tricky to read and easy to misspell. Hashtags that aren’t unique don’t accurately track your campaign’s reach, and can dilute your campaign. Sites such as Hashtags.org  and What The Trend  can help you to check if a hashtag has been used recently.

4. But also… include some that aren’t

Subject to tip number 5, consider occasionally including hashtags that are trending to link your message to a greater number of people.

5. Avoid hashtag overkill

As a general guideline sticking to one is best practice, two is acceptable, three is pushing it. Anything more usually looks unprofessional and spammy.

6. Have realistic expectations

The number of students actively tweeting is still relatively small and even super-cool brands struggle to encourage twitter engagement. Facebook is more widely used, but the use of its new hashtag functionality is not yet second nature to most people.

Where your content does get engagement, think about what about it makes it different. Where it doesn’t, ask yourself why not and try something else.

7. Remain consistent

Be careful not to change a hashtag half way through a campaign! This will split (and so weaken) conversations and waste time when you come to tracking.

8. Promote, promote, promote

Use your hashtag across multiple channels, both online and offline, to maximise its reach.

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