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Reduce workload. Differentiate. Get ahead.

Why Graduate Promotions for law firms?

We offer unique solutions for law firms, both to save time for in-house recruitment professionals and to differentiate firms from the crowd.

We’re a boutique agency assisting prestigious graduate employers across industries and across regions.  

We use our experience of graduate recruitment practice across industries together with our specialist legal sector knowledge to assist law firms small and large.

How we help.

Just Help!

Offload work to us to save you time.

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Improving Access and Diversity

Our approach focuses both on concept and on logistics.

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Differentiating your Firm

We assist in a range of ways suitable to a range of budgets.

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Q1 Campaigns

Market-leading New Year strategies.

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Campus Ambassador Programmes

Making them work for you.

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Both the hours you have to work as a law firm recruiter and the expectations on you can be immense. We specialise in efficiently taking on some of the burden to free up your time, helping you to prioritise better and get more done. In other words, we’re here to help you get those tasks done which, yes, need a brain on them and which need to be done well, but which don’t have to be done by you personally. We have fourteen years’ experience assisting graduate recruitment professionals and teams in this way, across sectors.

Typical examples of the tasks we help with include:

  • Booking company presentations with careers services
  • Arranging and administering society sponsorships, links with academic departments and other campus marketing support
  • Recruitment, co-ordination, development and/or management of campus ambassadors
  • Responding to bespoke briefs

We are a bright, able team with exceptional campus-by-campus knowledge and experience, ready to help. 

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We assist prestigious employers from across industry sectors with their access and diversity challenges, and bring that experience, and our robust networks of influencers on campus, to every solution we develop or assist with in this vital field.

Our approach focuses both on the concept and on the logistics.

The push for diversity in law requires not only authentic reflection of a firm’s individual character and diversity objectives in the marketing output, but often also the ability to go out to a wider range of universities. Through careful and imaginative tiered marketing strategies, Graduate Promotions both concentrates existing employer focus at core universities, and enables new focus at additional universities without increased burden.

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Getting the branding right is one part of the equation, so that’s often the first area we focus on. Next we often help by bringing a campus element to your firm’s branding since that’s where the big opportunities to differentiate really lie.  

Graduate Promotions assists firms in differentiating themselves in a range of ways suitable to a range of budgets. Here are some marketing objectives to consider:

  • Improve brand recognition at careers fairs
  • Drive/boost attendance (as opposed just to sign-up) at your careers presentations
  • Give your firm’s brand a major boost versus the competition, deploy on-day profile-raising events, social media competitions and/or campus installations
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Marketing in the first three months of the calendar year is becoming increasingly important  for all recruiters, and especially law firms.

Getting the attention of first-year law students, and other students in both their first- and second-years, is arguably more important than ever before. While, across industries, autumn is a crowded time for graduate marketing generally, this is still much less true in the New Year, enabling far greater marketing cut-through and bang for your buck.  It can be the perfect warm-up for students ahead of applications in October, and helps get to students at the earliest point possible.  Lastly, it’s often a time when employer ranking surveys are collected. 

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We help law firms in the field of campus ambassadors in three main ways:

  1. Helping with admin. Anyone who hasn’t been involved in it first-hand has little awareness of how much time and energy administering a campus ambassador programme can take. We have fourteen years’ experience of administering them for ourselves, and for others, across industry sectors, and we have the systems and expertise to do it with maximum efficiency. We can take over your whole programme for you, or you can have us do just a part of the work to make better use of your time
  2. Building a campus ambassador programme for you.  We help law firms who do not yet have a campus ambassador programme and would like to build one
  3. Access to our own programme. Depending on what you need to get done, using Graduate Promotions’ own campus ambassador programme can both save you time and money and be more effective 
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In the words of Eversheds: 

"With a team of only three, and with assessments taking place, plus campus activity, it was a critical time of year. GP’s support and knowledge helped us get through a challenging period, whilst at the same time making sure we improved our presence at universities."

Graduate Promotions consulted with Eversheds to develop an effective strategy within short timeframes and with a limited budget.

At each target university, we took on the recruitment and management of a team of two brand ambassadors to conduct various marketing activities.  We also arranged targeted email and social media marketing via carefully-chosen academic departments and societies.

The ROI of the campaign was monitored and tracked to facilitate ongoing evaluation and enable improvements in future seasons.


Civil Service Fast Stream

Since 2014, Graduate Promotions has been helping the Civil Service to promote two key diversity internships designed to broaden access to their prestigious Fast Stream programme.

The campaigns have focused in particular on BAME, disabled and lower socio-economic groups. 

Initiatives have included the #ReflectSociety social media competition in 2014, various pop-up events and brand ambassador promotion.

Each stage of the campaigns are measured and tracked for ROI and GP conducts research among target groups to inform future campaigns.

65% of students said they were more likely to apply to the Civil Service Fast Stream as a result of attending the pop-up events.

Civil Service Fast Stream were winners of Best Diversity Initiative in Work Experience in the National Undergraduate Awards following the initial activity in 2014, and rose in The Times ‘Top 100’ graduate employer rankings from 6th to 5th place in 2015, and from 5th to 4th in 2016.


Clifford Chance

Graduate Promotions was responsible for creative development and arrangement of the marketing for Clifford Chance’s “Intelligent Aid” competition in 2012 and 2013 designed to differentiate the firm.

The campaign was intended both to raise brand awareness and broaden access to Clifford Chance. It principally involved large-scale, live promotional events. As a result of the marketing, participation in the competition increased by 517% between 2011 and 2012 and increased again in 2013. Clifford Chance rose by nine places in The Times ‘Top 100’ rankings in 2013 (following the 2012 campaign) and a further four places following the 2013 campaign.

The campaign won Best Graduate Initiative at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards in 2013, and was part of a wider strategy that led to their winning, in 2014, the Social Mobility Strategy and the ‘Best of the Best’ AGR Awards, Graduate Employer of Choice in Law and overall Graduate Employer of the Year at the TARGETjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards.


Allen & Overy

A key part of Allen & Overy’s trainee recruitment marketing strategy involves substantial Spring Term initiatives.  Graduate Promotions has been responsible for creative development and promotion of these for the past two years.  Both were social media-led: #AOadvice (2015) and #AOinnovate (2016).

A Twitter competition concept in 2015 was evolved into the design and build of a social media “portal” in 2016.  The estimated social media reach was 48,595 in 2016 alone.

Promotion of the competitions occurred on campus via GP’s own brand ambassador network for both campaigns.

Allen & Overy regained The Times Graduate Employer of Choice Award in 2015 following the #AOadvice campaign, and retained it the next year following #AOinnovate campaign in 2016.  The firm was also named most popular graduate recruiter in law at the TARGETjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards in both 2015 and 2016.  The campaign was Highly Commended for Best Trainee Recruitment Campaign at the HR In Law Awards 2016.


Leading global investment bank

Our work involved the design and management of a bespoke campus ambassador programme utilising 45 of the bank’s former interns as Campus Ambassadors across six countries in the EMEA region.  We developed a tailored four-step training programme and a customised app for the Campus Ambassadors to use to report back on their progress and collect students’ details for  the first stage of the bank’s pipeline management strategy. The Campus Ambassadors reached over 50,000 students via societies and departments, collected email addresses from 689 of their peers for marketing follow-up, and made 67 specific recommendations of students whom they believed met the criteria which could make excellent hires for the bank. They also provided 50 reports on competitors’ marketing activities and suggested a total of 45 new marketing ideas for reaching students at their universities.

The bank’s assessment was as follows: 

"Graduate Promotions helped us to revolutionise the return we got from our Campus Ambassadors across the EMEA region. With so many moving parts and stakeholders, we have found in the past that achieving consistency of results is a real challenge, but Graduate Promotions created and managed an on-boarding, training and monitoring approach that really solved this problem for us. As a result, we got far more marketing delivered by our ambassadors than in prior years, and the experience was much richer for them. What’s more, it saved our internal team a huge amount of time!"


Graduate Promotions can also assist where law firms wish to collaborate either with one another or with employers in other industries. Whether to share marketing costs, or to drive home a pan-industry or multi-firm diversity message (for example), we can facilitate multi-stakeholder co-ordination, develop the concept, and deliver the marketing online and on-campus.