Student Marketer and Brand Ambassador FAQs

How many hours will I be expected to work? Will it interfere with my university timetable?

There are no specific or set hours.  We will phone you about a particular assignment to tell you the timing requirements and see if it fits in with your work and leisure commitments. If not, that’s no problem – we’ll normally try you again next time. However if you do agree to the time the assignment needs, we expect you to keep your promise, or at least tell us of any problems which crop up in good time so we can make alternative arrangements. Please ensure that you always check any policy your university may have on the weekly maximum number of hours of non-academic work you are allowed to undertake before accepting any engagement from us.

Will I be an employee of Graduate Promotions?

No.  GP may offer you one or more short-term temporary assignments on an ad hoc basis, but is not obliged to do so and there is no guarantee of work now or in the future. Moreover, should you be offered an assignment, there is no requirement that you accept it.

How much do I get paid?

GP Student Marketers are paid wages at a varying rate depending on location and sometimes project, however the current minimum rates are £8 per hour in the UK, $20 in the US and €10 per hour in EEA countries operating the euro, or local currency equivalent in other countries.

We will notify you of the rate applicable to an assignment when we offer it to you.
  If you work well on a campaign and impress us it is more likely that you will be offered the next work available.  It works in your favour.

How and when do I get paid?
 You will be paid once you have completed your assignment and have returned to us the camera we provide you, feedback and signed brief. 

 Payments are processed every Friday.  It can take a number of working days (generally 3-5) to appear in your account, depending on your bank’s clearing process.

Payments are made gross of tax, which means you are responsible for any tax you may owe.

If I incur expenses during a campaign how do I go about being refunded?

Expenses are only refundable if authorised by us in advance and for which receipts are submitted to us – never presume otherwise. If you think it is necessary for you to incur any expenses for which you would like to be refunded you must call us for authorisation before you incur them.  Any expenses incurred without previous agreement with GP will NOT be refunded, except in exceptional circumstances.  Expenses will also NOT be refunded if they are not evidenced by receipts submitted to us (VAT receipts where applicable).

If I have a problem what should I do?

If you have any problems, concerns or queries; for example, if you have not received your materials on time, something is missing from your package, or if you encounter any difficulties whatsoever in conducting the assignment according to the brief, please call the office immediately so that we can discuss this with you and agree a way forward.

What do I do if I have received the materials and I feel that the campaign I have agreed to do is too much for me?

Before you agree to carry out a project for us you will be briefed in detail about how much time you should put aside for it so you can make an informed decision about whether you can take it on or not. However, if a problem arises which means that in fact you cannot undertake the assignment as agreed (or just decide you do not want to after all), you must call us immediately so that we can make the necessary alternative arrangements. We understand that circumstances can change, but we do want you to call us immediately in these circumstances so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

How will I hear about forthcoming campaigns at my university?

We will telephone you on your mobile in advance of any activities we think might suit you and for which you might be suitable. We sometimes work on short lead times and therefore the notice can be relatively short.

Is there any particular type of attire I should wear?

This can vary from project to project and you will be briefed on this before you take on the work. Generally it is ok to dress casually but please don’t wear ripped jeans and any jewellery should be discrete.  If you are unsure however it is best to give us a call and ask.

I have a friend who is interested in working as a Student Marketer. What should I tell them to do?

Please direct them to this site and inform them of the application process. Please make sure to tell them to let us know how they heard about us. If we think your friend is great and just what we are looking for, you will get a cash reward after their first successfully completed assignment!

What do I do if I have another question which is not answered on this page?

Please contact us. We’ll be pleased to try and address any questions you might have.