Spring and summer: High times to get ahead!

Despite the well-publicised demand for graduate jobs, each year a significant proportion (usually around a third) of graduate employers fail to fill their vacancies, and this has been true even in the last few years when demand for graduate jobs has been at record highs.

There are many reasons for this. Changing business needs is one of them; a shortage of high-quality applications to particularly difficult-to-fill roles another.

Each year, accordingly, we help our clients to conduct “mop-up” activity to attract much-needed applications for roles still open after the main recruitment cycle. This takes many forms – for example digital and social media campaigns via careers services and other university channels, brand ambassador work, and working with universities, clubs and societies to reach students who are still on the lookout for opportunities for the coming year. We also help to plan and arrange targeted summer events, to create interest and awareness amongst the student population of the roles that are still available.

The Association of Graduate Recruiters reported in their Winter Survey that this year the number of graduate vacancies has increased by 10.2% across all sectors, and the size of the population of sixteen year-olds coming up to fill them is in sharp decline – so the challenge is increasing for employers as the economy recovers.

Marketing in the summer time isn’t without its challenges but a carefully-planned campaign can save the business from having to pay a fortune in last-minute recruiters’ fees and relieve the pressure for much-needed graduate talent for the coming year – as well as adding to year-round brand awareness. In an increasingly competitive environment, it’s a great way to get a head-start.

Deloitte Green Dot Event Durham Summer 2011

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