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The graduate social brand.

Snapchat. Facebook. Reddit. Many of today’s social media were invented on campus, and it’s no coincidence. Students are amongst the most tech-savvy, inter-connected individuals on the planet.

For employers, the question is how to leverage the tremendous benefits of social media in an appropriate, targeted way that competes effectively with the huge amount of marketing noise that exists online.

#AOInnovate social portal for Allen & Overy (2016).

Seed your next social campaign.

One of the biggest benefits social media presents from a marketing standpoint is the possibility of ideas spreading virally, dramatically increasing reach and engagement with the proposition (and without significantly increasing cost).

By using cutting-edge technology we create bespoke initiatives as a fundamental part of the interaction to kick- start viralisation. These can take the form of social portals, photography competitions, straw polls, personality matchers and many others.

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Leveraging your fan-base.

Using the latest technology, Graduate Promotions initiates, tracks and actively fosters peer-to- peer sharing amongst your target audiences’ peer and influencer networks. This can complement programmatic advertising, sponsored content and traditional banner advertising, adding authenticity to the corporate voice and sustaining awareness for your pipeline. Data collected is also richer than is yielded by ad-hoc sharing.

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Crossing digital with ambient.

The most powerful campaigns, particularly in graduate recruitment, combine the power and ubiquity of social media with getting into students’ eye-lines in the real world. This occurs where social and ambient media are truly woven together, reinforcing and highlighting one another to produce extraordinarily effective results.

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Case study: Barclays ‘You’re Promising’.