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Insights for your graduate marketing.

  • Understand how your proposition is perceived and how it fits with what your target demographics actually want.
  • Learn what changes to make to your approach in order to effect the changes you want in your results.
  • Use private polling to track your ongoing graduate brand equity.
  • Focus on your true target demographic cutting out non-relevant populations.
  • Better establish internal priorities and build internal stakeholder buy-in.

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Expecting different results from doing the same thing?

Changing your recruitment marketing can be vital if real change is needed in your results – whether this is pursuing a diversity goal, increasing quality or just remaining competitive.

But the wrong changes can be counterproductive, which is why we help our clients get the insights they need to inform meaningful, return-oriented decision-making.

Powerfully aligning the proposition with candidate demand.

Graduate Promotions consultancy

Depth interviews to crystallise the strategic messaging vectors and get buy-in. Independence to escape internal assumptions.

Graduate Promotions consultancy

Get up-to-date insight into why you were chosen and test new concepts.

Graduate Promotions consultancy

Understand decision-making processes, how likely you are to be chosen and why.

Graduate Promotions consultancy

Draw out key themes and create the brief to deliver the results you need for the period ahead.

Private polling.

Fed up of omnibus research telling you what non-relevant populations want or think about you (and your competitors)?

Private polling enables you to gain insights into the views of your true target demographics. Only interested in finding out where you stand with tech students at specific universities? In Germany? Studying PhDs? No problem.

And by periodically repeating the polling you can track progress over time, and know better how you’re doing competitively.