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Achieve a broader, deeper, better pipeline than ever before.

  • Early-stage, upper-funnel data collection, target-led.
  • On-campus registrations via brand ambassadors, tablets, super-tight marketing.
  • Cross-platform online registrations.
  • Enables the early identification of target graduate hires.
  • Broaden diversity, social mobility, academic background.
  • Strong messaging and marketing impact.
  • Email and other digital follow-up to enable self-select and applications.

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Building out your talent pool.

Graduate Promotions helps employers to build bespoke pipelines with stronger emphasis on the all-important “upper-funnel” stage of the process that gets new people into your sights (and gets the same people too, but earlier and better). It’s perfect for enhancing demographic deficits in your candidate profiles, for getting more control over your hiring performance, and generally for staying ahead of the competition.

A wider, deeper funnel.

Populating the pipeline: how’s it done?

First we work with you to identify which students you want to target, where they are located, and the activation approaches most suited to attracting them. Then we put the plan into action.

What happens next?

As your pipeline grows broader and richer, we help you to enrich the brand experience of every individual within it, through (for example):

  • Digital micro-targeting.
  • Email newsletters.
  • Tailored event invitations.
  • Application deadline notifications.
  • Text messages.
  • Competitions and challenges.

Flexible registration questionnaire app.

Graduate Promotions uses market-leading registration collection app ‘QuickTapSurvey’ for getting the information you need to start off your new relationship on the best possible footing. We can also use your own preferred app.

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From London to New York, Los Angeles to Warsaw to Sydney, Graduate Promotions works in all the countries of Europe and North America, and in Australia, to bring you the pipeline demographics you need.

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