Our work

J.P. Morgan: 'Women on the Move'

A series of innovative events designed to give students a better insight into the opportunities available in Sales and Trading at J.P. Morgan, and the company’s commitment to gender equality.

CGI: 'Alpha Geek'

Working with our crack team of Alpha Geeks, we created a retro-style RaspberryPi based game, which was a simple-to-play, but hard-to-master ‘Crack the Code’ game. Those who could solve it in ten guesses or fewer were crowned a CGI Beta Geek. Those who managed it in under seven had CGI Alpha Geek status bestowed upon them!

Kingston University: 'KU Talent'

Kingston University’s Careers Service is a key part of the opportunities afforded to students at Kingston University, but the team felt that their existing identity and image wasn’t cutting through. The Careers team at KU were delivering lots of new and innovative events and activity, but were struggling to attract students to attend any of the large events or activities. Through conversations with students, the team found that students were not relating to the word ‘careers’ as the perception was of something in the future rather than an immediate service they should be accessing. Therefore the team wanted a new identity to make their services more obvious and accessible to a wider range of students and better reflect what they do, in particular their focus on talent development as well as longer-term careers skills.

J.P. Morgan: 'Field of Sparks'

'The Field of Sparks' was a spectacular display of colour-changing light ‘stems’ and ‘orbs’ – which we took to universities across the country. Award wins: RAD Awards 2013: Work of the Year RAD Awards 2013: Best Ambient/Outdoor CIPD Awards 2012: Best Outdoor Campaign TARGETJobs Awards 2012: Innovation of Campus.

Deloitte: 'See your Future Self'

We’ve worked with Deloitte since 2003 on various market-leading campus campaigns. A fresh approach in the summer and autumn terms in 2012 led to some amazing results... and another award.

Clifford Chance: 'Intelligent Aid'

Clifford Chance runs an annual competition called Intelligent Aid. 2012’s competition asked students: “What do you think are the most successful ways in which Governments can ensure emission reduction targets are achieved?”. We helped them to come up with a unique way to promote it – which was named best graduate initiative 2013 at the CIPD Awards.

Barclays: 'You're Promising'

We helped Barclays to promote their sponsorship of Student Volunteering Week by planning and organising a series of on-campus events that challenged students to make a pledge. Our team prepared fresh hot waffles to tempt students in, and whist they waited for them, the team from Barclays chatted to them about volunteering and employability. Pictures of students with their pledges were uploaded to facebook, and the students whose photos received the most likes were awarded donations towards their chosen causes.

KAUST: 'Join us at KAUST!'

Our task involved determining the most appropriate ways to reach the target audience, with particular reference to both undergraduates and graduates from STEM disciplines. Among the additional issues to be addressed were gender balance, ethnicity, disability and social mobility. With these factors in mind, our initial research suggested a number of modifications to KAUST’s existing messaging and branding.

Towers Watson: 'Make Your Mark'

Towers Watson is a leading global professional services company with 14,000 associates around the world. They admit a select few onto their graduate programme, and they need to be highly-numerate and logically-minded. We helped them to develop and run their unique ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign to help them stand out in the mind of these precisely these kinds of students.

Rolls-Royce: 'Serious about Excellence'

Rolls-Royce are ‘Serious About Excellence’. They don’t accept half measures or surface explanations – they take time to develop an in-depth understanding of how things work. Free coffee is a tried-and-tested on-campus approach, but we designed this campaign to reflect Rolls-Royce’s unique EVP by giving students an in-depth understanding about the process for making excellent coffee from a professional barista.

Lloyds Banking Group: 'Underlining the Difference'

A real crowd-pleaser! Caricatures and brownies to engage with students, information about graduate opportunities with Lloyds Banking Group and an invitation to their forthcoming company presentations to find out more.

British Sugar: ‘Beyond Sugar’

British Sugar is the UK’s leading sugar supplier to food and drink manufacturers in the UK and Europe. However, they have an extraordinarily diverse and sustainable business beyond sugar which makes use of all products from the sugar manufacturing process from tomatoes to animal feed and electricity to bioethanol. British Sugar therefore offers a very diverse range of graduate schemes – including engineering, science, agriculture, finance, business and procurement.