Meet Jo

jo_1Meet Jo Kevan.  She’s our very own brand ambassador guru.

Since 2008, Jo has managed brand ambassadors in over 20 different countries across three continents, conducting all sorts of different marketing and research activities for our clients in all sorts of different ways.  We took five minutes to assemble some insights into what she’s learnt in that time.

jo_5What do you enjoy most about managing brand ambassadors?

“I really enjoy getting to know the different individuals and building relationships with them. It’s an important part of the brand ambassador job to be personable and motivated with something interesting to say, and there are some real characters.  It’s particularly interesting to see the differences and similarities between students, and indeed between universities, in different countries.”


jo_7What advice would you give to anyone considering implementing a brand ambassador programme?

“I think brand ambassador programmes are a brilliant way of reaching students, but they need to be handled carefully.  To ask others to represent your brand is to ask them to take on a great responsibility, after all.  It is vital that your ambassador team is made up of individuals you can rely on to represent you appropriately, and that you have procedures in place to check that they are doing so. It’s also essential that brand ambassadors are aware of the rules and regulations for promotional activities at their respective universities or local areas.

“The question of ‘buy-in’ is really key too, as it’s vital you keep your brand ambassadors motivated to do the tasks that are required of them.  Good brand ambassadors will feel like a valued extension of your team (and brand) and can be encouraged to be innovative and resourceful. The best are those who use their initiative to go above and beyond what they have been asked to do (subject to appropriateness, and in consultation, of course!)”

jo_6What are the biggest challenges of managing brand ambassadors?

“Managing teams of ambassadors in multiple locations can be a time-consuming and complex exercise – I like the fact that it gives me an opportunity to put my organisational skills (and obsessive list-writing…) to good use!

“I like the fact that some of the challenges involved are pretty unique to student life, too – arranging for someone in a student house to take receipt of an early morning delivery of promotional goods is an art-form all of its own!”

jo_4And your funniest brand ambassador moment?

“We were once sent some chocolate computer ‘mice’ to distribute on campus by way of promotional giveaway.  It turned out that some students had to look at them twice as on first impression they seemed to represent something rather racy (you will have to use your imagination!): the descriptive contortions the brand ambassadors went through to try to explain in their reports, politely, why the reaction of some of the students receiving them was quite so strange, were really amusing!”

How we help

Brand ambassadors can dramatically improve the way organisations engage with students on campus. We can help you with:

  • Programme design and consultancy
  • University selection and activity planning
  • Incentivisation and reward options
  • Brand ambassador recruitment
  • Allocating the right tasks to the right people
  • Ongoing management and administration
  • Research and creative
  • Full outsourcing

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