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Events and installations

Unpack your brand on campus.

  • Entirely tailor-made events.
  • Giant unexpected installations to surprise and get attention.
  • Vehicles for innovation.
  • Cut through the noise of regular media.
  • Can provide a platform for face-to-face interaction.
  • Rocket fuel for all-important league tables.
  • Effect large-scale change to student perception.
  • Amplify your digital marketing.

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Disrupt. Differentiate. Change perception.

Big splash. High touch. Immersive.

However you want to describe them, our events and installations provide ways truly to make an impact on campus. Whether it’s mass giveaways, interactive games, cutting-edge light installations or building-sized banners, they provide you another level of graduate branding, and our clients have won the awards and climbed the rankings to prove it.

Developing cutting-edge events and installations.

Graduate Promotions leads the market in developing bespoke events and installations that help employers to leave a lasting impression on their target audiences.

By building event and installation concepts around each organisation’s key objectives and shaping the message so as to be as impactful and ‘sticky’ as possible, we help our clients to create remarkable experiences that really make a difference to their objectives. Every detail of each initiative is carefully designed with the campus environment in mind so as to maximise return on investment. Our strategies frequently win awards too.

Want your message to really cut through to your audience? Whether for development of a new strategy or better delivery of an existing one, contact us now to find out more.

Case study: J.P. Morgan ‘Field of Sparks’.