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Action-oriented assistance to help you to succeed.

  • Strategic planning and advisory.
  • Discrete approaches for targeting key groups.
  • Your graduate USP, EVP and graduate EVP, elevator pitch.
  • Research.
  • Creative development.
  • Analysis.
  • Media planning.

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Why us?

As a boutique recruitment marketing and advertising agency, we love getting our teeth into helping our clients with knotty recruitment communications challenges.

With 15 years of experience across a broad range of industries, there are few situations we haven’t come across before or that we can’t help our clients to tackle with confidence.

Our process.

Graduate Promotions consultancy

Volume. Quality. Diversity. Macro-brand. What are the key issues that will determine overall success?

Graduate Promotions consultancy

Examination of the approach alternatives. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the options. Extrapolation of ways forward.

Graduate Promotions consultancy

Who does what? How can value from the activation of your chosen channels be maximised? We make great employer marketing happen.

Graduate marketing.

Graduate marketing is a particular specialism, and justifiably so. Your graduate marketing is seen by your future graduate colleagues, lateral hires, and clients, and it’s too important to get wrong.

Introductory careers branding often requires a rather different kind of marketing from branding developed for experienced hires or for a business’s clients. For many business brands, the student audience needs a mode of engagement which is fundamentally different to that for which the brands were initially designed, yet the engagement needs to be just as faithful to the overall brand purpose as any other.

Graduate Promotions’ campaigns work better because they are designed with the realities of the target campuses in mind baked in to the ‘high strategy’, right from the start – and then we make sure the campus reality reflects the high strategy and everything in between. We iterate them automatically, and it’s a unique proposition.

Case study: CGI ‘Alpha Geek’.

Innovation runs to the heart of what CGI does. The team wanted to reflect this in the way that they engaged with students on-campus.

They also wanted to engage with their target audience earlier and in a more memorable way and to increase the number of students who registered their interest and requested a digital brochure.

Careers fairs remain as popular as ever, but innovation at careers fairs is pretty thin on the ground.

Characterised by boring pull-up banner stands, thick brochures and throwaway giveaways – the ‘traditional’ careers fair stand neither reflected CGI’s vibrant culture, nor resonated with a generation raised in the digital age. We wanted to take a risk and do things differently. True innovations disrupt the status quo and re-draw the competitive battle lines – and with the CGI Alpha Geek concept we were hoping not just to attract a new wave of talent to work for CGI, but to change people’s expectations of what a careers fair stand can and should be.

Working with our crack team of Alpha Geeks, we created a retro-style RaspberryPi based game, which was a simple-to-play, but hard-to-master ‘Crack the Code’ game. Those who could solve it in ten guesses or fewer were crowned a CGI Beta Geek. Those who managed it in under seven had CGI Alpha Geek status bestowed upon them!

The game was designed to encourage those around to collaborate. An inter-university score board updated on facebook encouraged competitors to keep in contact with CGI.

  • Increase of 170% in number of people who register their interest in CGI at careers fairs (compared to last year)
  • Over 60% of registrants were graduating from 2015 onwards (compared to 40% last year)
  • Increase awareness of and interest in Industrial Placement opportunities – 65% of registrants were interested in Industrial Placement opportunities (compared to 40% last year)
  • Increase the proportion of those who requested a digital brochure – 96% of registrants (compared to [20%] last year)

What they say.

“For a predominantly B2B organisation it can be very hard to capture students’ attention at a careers fair with no consumer product or well-known brand to catch their eye. We needed something that pulled in the crowds and Graduate Promotions really achieved that for us!

This initiative has gone down exceptionally well across all of our target schools and universities, and even in our own offices, where we’ve held inter-office tournaments! The response, especially from students who wouldn’t usually be proactive in engaging in passing conversation (an all-important group for us), has been tremendous, and it has really helped us to stand out against our competition for top technical students.

The AlphaGeek sub-brand and “Crack the Code” game have totally changed the way CGI interacts on campus. Strategically, its simplicity and scalability is also very exciting.”