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Brand ambassadors

Your student representatives on the ground. Professionally managed.

  • Since 2002, we have pioneered the use of Brand Ambassadors for graduate employers, internationally.
  • Each programme is bespoke based on your broader strategy and priorities.
  • We can mobilise your former interns, recruit dedicated champions for your brand, and/or leverage our own extensive network.

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Why Brand Ambassadors?

Brand Ambassadors can be amazing deliverers of your campus brand. Peer-to-peer marketing has tremendous resonance with your target student demographic, with an appropriateness of tone which can deliver real marketing cut-through.

Programmes can be difficult and time-consuming to deliver in-house, however, and it is important to correctly align the objectives you wish Brand Ambassadors to achieve with the way they are briefed and how they have come to be engaged.

Graduate Promotions operates Brand Ambassador programmes on behalf of its clients and maintains its own network of Brand Ambassadors to deliver specific tactical objectives for those without their own programmes or where particular work is not suitable for delivery via their own programmes.

Former intern programmes.

Many Brand Ambassador programmes start with your former interns. Done well, these programmes provide mutual benefit to the former intern and to the employer. They do require a great deal of internal administration on the part of the employer however, as well as energy, flare and imagination to achieve the best effects. Some employers also struggle to find an engagement paradigm for Brand Ambassadors which sits well with their existing arrangements.

Graduate Promotions helps employers from planning through to delivery. We engage and manage your Brand Ambassadors, taking as much or as little slack as you wish. We can act as an extension of your team, or as a third party.

Brand Ambassadors ‘recruited for role’.

Recruited for roleIf you do not wish to use former interns, or want your Brand Ambassador programme to deliver work which you feel it would not be appropriate to ask of former interns, we can recruit Brand Ambassadors for you. Graduate Promotions can then help you plan activity and briefing, engage the Brand Ambassadors themselves, provide training, and manage them on an ongoing basis to your requirements, with as much or as little involvement from you as you wish.

Our Brand Ambassador Network.

Many employers’ tactical on-campus marketing requirements lend themselves less to the need for their own programme and more to simply getting particular types of marketing done, at scale, reliably. Each year, Graduate Promotions recruits Brand Ambassadors, as Student Marketers, at universities across the globe to hand out flyers, liaise with academic departments, collect data, conduct research, and find great places to mount your display advertising. A key advantage over programmes comprising of specific individuals throughout the length of the programme is that activity is not disrupted by individuals’ availability, since staff can be swapped in and out.

Case study: British Sugar ‘Beyond Sugar’.

British Sugar is the UK’s leading sugar supplier to food and drink manufacturers in the UK and Europe. However, they have an extraordinarily diverse and sustainable business beyond sugar which makes use of all products from the sugar manufacturing process from tomatoes to animal feed and electricity to bioethanol. British Sugar therefore offers a very diverse range of graduate schemes – including engineering, science, agriculture, finance, business and procurement.

Our challenge was to help British Sugar to improve brand awareness amongst many students – and to broaden understanding amongst students of what they do and the roles they offer. British Sugar have limited resource so they needed a solution that wouldn’t require the time of too much of their own staff. They wanted to target specific groups (especially students of key branches of Engineering) whilst attracting a more diverse pool of talent – and ultimately to increase the quantity, quality and relevance of their applications.

We helped British Sugar to develop carefully-tailored marketing materials, and then distributed them via our Network of Student Marketers and academic department contacts. This enabled British Sugar to get targeted messages to hard-to-reach demographics, such as Electrical Engineering students. Each Student Marketer was carefully-briefed on the key selling points of British Sugar’s schemes, and managed and supported throughout the process by our expert team.

The results from the campaign were fantastic; the number of applications increased by an average of 20% across all of the different programmes. Quality of the applications was significantly increased too, with a far greater number reaching the final stage of the application process. When applicants were asked where they had heard about the graduate scheme, many specifically mentioned the posters and flyers they had seen on campus, which is rare even for highly successful ambient campaigns.