Our Culture

Our company has a high degree of specialisation and our culture reflects this.

We take extraordinary care to recruit individuals of ability and diversity who are able to make clear promises and ensure they are kept, who are able to work to the highest standards, and who are equipped to educate clients in what are often sophisticated approaches executed in complex environments.

We assist some of the world’s largest and most prominent organisations, whom we often retain as clients year after year, and we take great pride in working with commensurate levels of professionalism.

Our culture – the central touchstones of which are commitment to our clients, integrity, excellence, teamwork, leadership, analysis, meritocracy and innovation – is central to our meeting of these objectives.

It is what enables us to attract and retain the best employees and clients, and to protect and enhance the reputations both of our own company and of those whom we represent to others. In the work that we do we prize the reputations of our clients as highly as we do our own.

Our culture is what enables us to be creative and, while recognising that the established approaches might remain the best ones, to engage in the constant search for better answers to our clients’ needs.

It is a culture which preserves the intimacy and esprit de corps which is crucial to our success and the familiarity our clients can gain with our company and people, while also equipping us to tackle the largest projects clients can ask us to undertake.

Integrity lies at the heart of our business. Marketing is an art not a science, which means that outcomes cannot always be predicted. Through open analysis we always strive to help our clients look for and consider the risks as well as the benefits in any strategy so they can make the best, most appropriate decisions towards their optimal outcome.