Graduate Promotions provides advisory, support and execution services to graduate employers.

We’re the leader in our field, working both in the UK, US and internationally, pioneering many of the approaches used today and working on award-winning campaigns.

Our approach

We work with employers to establish their aims and objectives, identify requirements and select solutions, and then to help them deliver on them.

An organisation’s return on investment in their graduate marketing efforts is key.  Maximising efficiency while ensuring high quality hires (and low post-hire attrition) is a fundamental challenge.

The challenge of planning is in considering both the macro of the core employer value proposition and the micro of the individual university and student demographic, together, throughout the process.  Only this way can an employer’s campaign work well from end to end.

The demands placed on internal graduate recruitment and graduate marketing teams are considerable, particularly at the peaks of the recruitment season.  We help employers get through it.

The graduate marketing space itself is often complex and, largely because universities are primarily educational establishments and not media providers, requires a careful, individualistic approach.

There are two hallmarks to Graduate Promotions’ approach. The first is the high standard we always seek to observe.  The second is collaboration – with our clients, with their other agencies, with students, with various university offices including academic departments, careers services and students’ unions, and with our suppliers and contractors.